Have You Heard of the
"Ten Hills Technique"?

Revealed: A patented reverse-mining technology has cemented a virtual monopoly for one surprising company...
here's how you can bank big gains by getting in
before word gets out.

Some say it creates an unfair advantage. I say, who cares?
There are BILLIONS of dollars at stake.

Dear Reader,

At the crossroads of interstates 70 and 79 lies the town of Washington, Pa.

At first glance, there isn't much remarkable about this small town, nestled in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania.

But take a look at the local newspaper's website, and you'll see something residents of other small towns don't: An entire page devoted to Marcellus Shale drilling.

You see, Washington sits at the epicenter of the vaunted Marcellus Shale deposit. It's big news there.

But there's one thing everyone is missing about Washington:

The biggest winner, which few in the natural gas market know about. It's a reverse-mining operation I've discovered that has sealed its virtual monopoly in a larger industry.

I know that's a bold statement. But this company has the PERFECT business model.

When I first uncovered the secret technology behind what I call the Ten Hills Technique, I was dumbfounded. It's genius.

And the best part is that this company is severely undervalued. Because what Wall Street is missing is the EXACT thing that has it poised to skyrocket.

The Hidden Natural Gas Market

The rush to embrace natural gas drilling and fracking has been meteoric. No secret there.

And if you jumped into a natural gas driller only to watch gas prices fall to a 10-year low, taking your share price along with them, you're not alone.

When supply is low and prices are high... drillers are a solid investment option.

But when supply is high and prices are low, you get what we have right now: a 10-year low in the number of wells in operation.

Natural gas is simply TOO CHEAP to profitably drill for right now.

Before you go thinking that there's no opportunity in the natural gas market, let me show you why that's simply not true.

Sometimes you have to look at things differently to find big opportunities.

There's one company out there that's tapped a hidden natural gas reserve, using what I call the Ten Hills Technique. And the results are staggering.

The company's business doesn't involve fracking or any other means of conventional drilling. Hell, it doesn't even care if natural gas prices hit historic highs or historic lows.

What it's doing is so ingenious and creates such an unfair advantage that it seems criminal.

But I assure you, it's 100% legal.

In fact, some local governments across the country are going out of their way to eliminate its competition.

Government-Backed Riches

Let's face it, the government wields tremendous power. It can make or break a company with the single stroke of a pen.

And it's no secret that it will do whatever it takes to have things go its way.

The government has passed laws so lopsided in one company's favor, it's appalling.

The good news is that the company I'll reveal to you today is on the receiving end of some of the biggest sweetheart deals in its industry.

Through aggressive negotiations, it has managed to grab exclusive contracts for its services. Not just in the United States, but in most of North America.

Some have gone so far as to accuse the company of bribery.

For example, in Seattle, the city government recently changed a piece of municipal code to ensure that there is next-to-no competition for the company using the Ten Hills Technique.

Just use your imagination to envision how this happened.

No matter what, it means that this company is dominant.

And dominance means big profits.

Amazingly enough, the service it provides has nothing to do with the traditional natural gas industry.

Yet it's quietly become a major player in the resource market by using something I call the Ten Hills Technique. I'll tell you all about it in just a minute, but first...

Your Unconventional Path to Riches

My name is Andrew Snyder. I'm the editor of Unconventional Wealth, a one-of-a-kind monthly financial research service. My goal is to help ordinary folks escape the devastating wrath of Wall Street and build a worry-free retirement.

Look, I'll be honest. I used to be "one of them." You see, when I was a young adult, I had a dream to make a lot of money.

Wall Street seemed like the perfect place to make my fortune.

Plus, I figured I could help many other folks do the same thing.

Folks like my parents, who wanted to ensure that their retirement wouldn't involve working 9 to 5 for minimum wage.

So after graduating from college, I got a job at a very large brokerage firm.

Was I naïve! You see, I grew up in a small town where neighbors were like friends and everyone looked out for one another.

My parents taught me many things, including the values of working hard, getting a good education and always being honest and truthful.

What I saw working at that brokerage firm didn't come close to the values I was taught. It was a shark-eat-shark world.

Sure, my dream of making a fortune could have easily come true. IF I was willing to pay a high moral price.

Not only is everyone trying to get one over on you, but being a broker is not about helping your clients make money... not in the least!

It's about how much money you can get out of them, not how rich you can make them. The 2008 subprime credit crisis is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

While millions of Americans saw their life savings wiped out when the markets tanked, just about every suit on Wall Street made a fortune.

Not only that, but most of the major financial institutions -- the ones that caused the crisis in the first place -- got bailed out by our government. Talk about injustice!

I Walked Away

So I walked away. Thousands of miles away, to be exact. I hid away in Alaska to pursue my second love, fishing.

I made my home near a remote bay tucked deep within the famed Inside Passage. I lived 50 miles from the nearest road!

Because it offered so much privacy, some rich and powerful people visited and went fishing with me. My getaway was their private hideaway too.

While I was there, I had the chance to meet with some of the biggest names behind some rather large fortunes.

For instance, I met a gentleman who is the billionaire heir to Sam Walton and the owner of several sports teams.

When you're around extremely wealthy people on a regular basis, you get to understand how investing really works.

The truth is, I learned more about building wealth -- real, lasting wealth -- living at that lodge than I did during my entire career as a broker.

I started sharing the secrets I learned in a series of articles I wrote for a small financial news service.

Those articles caught the attention of a group of ex-Wall Street hotshots who had banded together to expose the techniques Wall Street -- and Washington -- uses to squeeze ordinary investors dry.

Next thing I knew, I was on the phone with Sandy Franks, executive director of Insiders Strategy Group. Before I hung up, I had agreed to join its crusade.

But unlike most financial research services that are just out to make a buck, ISG has a simple, more noble goal:

To help you break free from Wall Street's shackles. We want to show you how to claim financial independence by using the same moneymaking secrets the rich use to make millions...

"I am an Unconventional Wealth subscriber and truly feel your genuine passion to help us waylaid (by brokers, Wall Street, Uncle Sam, advertisers, etc.) investors. Thank you for this, and on a day when you are beaten up by more government shennanigans, remember that your commitment is not only appreciated, but financially lifesaving." - Dr. W.T.

For 20 years, we have been providing cutting-edge information on how to beat Wall Street at its own game. Folks who have followed our research and advice have had the chance to profit immensely.

For example, we showed our readers how to make maximum gains of 788% on an alternative manufacturing investment without touching a stock, bond or mutual fund.

We also showed our readers how they could make 524% on a unique international gaming investment. Again, we did it without touching a traditional stock, bond or mutual fund.

We even showed our readers how to make up to 493% on a special type of industrial gas investment without touching a stock, bond or mutual fund.

The amount of money we've helped our readers make since 2008 is simply amazing. I'm talking about gains of 500%... 403%... 360%... 307%... 271%... 155%... I could go on and on.

And while these returns are exceptional, they pale in comparison to the opportunity I'm going to tell you about today.

I'll tell you more about Unconventional Wealth in a minute. But for now, I want to tell you more about the secret of the Ten Hills Technique, because time is of the essence...

The "Ten Hills" Invisible Wall

Walls serve as protection. Whether it's to keep something or someone in... or out... their purpose doesn't change.

And it doesn't matter if the wall is one you can see or if it's invisible. The purpose is still the same.

The Ten Hills Technique is a wall too. Only, in this instance, it's not a wall you can see.

But there is something very clear about its function. It's meant to keep something out: the competition!

Because what every broker is missing about this gem is just how unfair of an advantage it has over other companies.

In fact, this secret is just one tool in its arsenal that it has used to secure a place as the largest company in North America in its business sector.

Not only is it incredibly good at its core business, but with the Ten Hills Technique, this company operates with virtually zero costs in parts of its business.

How can other companies compete with it when it runs some of its operations nearly cost-free?

Easy... they can't! They're not even playing the same game.

And that's why I'm so excited about this opportunity!

This company has perfected the secret to reverse mining and is using it to flat out crush the competition.

If you've never heard of reverse mining, you're not alone. I had to make the term up. Because what this company does is so unique, there's really no way to describe it with typical jargon.

Reverse-Mining Riches

Forgive me if I'm a little coy about describing the nuts and bolts of what exactly reverse mining is and how it works.

So many people rip off my research these days, I don't like to put it out just anywhere.

I want only serious investment-minded folks to get all of the info I've put together.

And if I'm not careful, this story will show up everywhere, and your chance to get in before the word gets out will be gone forever.

Plus, if I actually told you the gritty details of how reverse mining works, I'd probably bore you to death.

But this technique is anything but boring when you look at how much money it can generate.

In fact, the company that perfected the Ten Hills Technique recently said that the feedstock it mines could be worth up to $40 BILLION per year in energy.

That's not a typo. $40 BILLION per year.

Why's that so important?

Because recurring savings of that scale would give it such a leg up on the competition that it's hardly fair...

But I assure you, it's completely legal.

And if you think that this is just another natural gas driller or some fancy way to talk about fracking, think again.

Drillers and frackers operate under the reality that their supplies will eventually run out.

But that's not the case for the company that's perfected the Ten Hills Technique. That's why it's sheer genius.

This patented method actually extracts natural gas from a resource that will NEVER go away.

In its simplest form, reverse mining is the process of taking a resource that virtually everyone places zero value on, burying it in a specially designed, patented container and then applying a patented extraction technique to mine the natural gas it produces.

That's why I call it "reverse mining."

Forget outdated prospecting to find a pool of natural gas. And forget spending millions of dollars on a geological survey to find the gas and then frack it.

This company has a virtually unlimited supply feedstock to "mine" into natural gas.

And the beauty is, it gets PAID to handle the feedstock too. In fact, it makes $12 billion per year for just doing that.

You may even be paying this company to "mine" the natural gas and not even realize it. Millions upon millions of Americans are.

I've outlined everything you need to know about this company and its secret in a special report called "The Ten Hills Technique: Securing Your Retirement Through the Secret Natural Gas Market."

I'll tell you how to get your copy in just a minute. But first, let me tell you why this situation is so unique from just about anything you've ever seen before.

Anatomy of the Ultimate Resource Monopoly

It's no secret that natural gas prices have fallen to 10-year lows.

So why am I so excited about a company that can create a virtually unlimited supply of it?

The simple answer is that this company doesn't sell it.

As of now, the company has 131 sites that can convert the gas to electricity. That number is planned to grow to 160 sites by 2013.

The company creates enough electricity by burning the gas it produces to power more than 1.2 million households. And it plans to up that number to 2 million homes by 2020.

This gem also uses the reverse-mined gas to power 300 of its fleet vehicles.

And remember, it is PAID to take the feedstock to create this energy.

Do you see just how unfair this could be to another company trying to compete in its space?

The competition has to pay to fill up their fleet vehicles with diesel fuel. At last check, diesel was as high as $4.07 per gallon in the U.S.

And because the technology is patented, the competition doesn't have the advantage of using the Ten Hills Technique -- at least not the highly advanced method this company uses.

The ability to power its plants and fleet with virtually free gas is a game changer.

You see, a hot trend in local-level government is to pick a single low-cost provider for services it uses.

And with the ability to price at levels far below the competition, the outcome is virtually guaranteed.

It goes against capitalism and greatly favors the big dogs. Call it dirty... un-American even. I call it a government-sponsored monopoly in its simplest form.

But if you're smart enough to be holding shares in this company, you'll call it a moneymaker.

And by using the Ten Hills Technique, the company I'm about to reveal to you has secured enough contracts that it has become the largest company of its kind in the United States.

It's become a virtual monopoly by capitalizing on its resources.

If you're smart enough to be holding shares in this company, you'll call it a moneymaker.

Talk about crushing the competition!

Even in cities where it doesn't win contracts, the winning provider often has to pay this company to take the feedstock.

It easily converts this feedstock into more natural gas to power its own vehicles. And it creates electricity to run its own facilities or to sell back to the grid.

That's right. The competition literally PAYS IT to become more efficient and more competitive!

And remember, local officials literally hand it EXCLUSIVE contracts and PAY it to take their feedstock.

It's hands down the best business model I've ever seen in my career. In fact, I don't see any reason why it can't triple in value in the next three years.

Smart investors will also be happy to pocket a rock-solid 4.23% dividend as they sit back and wait for this gem to take off. That's far better than hiding your money in a mattress!

I'm ready to send you the FREE special report "The Ten Hills Technique: Securing Your Retirement Through the Secret Natural Gas Market."

I'll tell you everything you need to know about this hot opportunity, including the ticker symbol, the buy price and all of the exciting details about how the Ten Hills Technique can help you bank serious gains.

To get instant access to the report, all you have to do is give my research advisory service, Unconventional Wealth, a risk-free try.

Just for You

I can tell you right now, Unconventional Wealth is unlike anything else in the financial industry.

It's not just a research advisory newsletter.

It's a step-by-step guide to wealth creation.

Every month, you'll receive a private briefing showing you a unique way you can put your money to work to grow your wealth.

My monthly briefing will NOT be the kind of boring drivel you'll get from Money magazine, The Wall Street Journal or even your typical investment newsletter.

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  • The art of properly valuing a stock is dead.
  • The world is flat; your portfolio must reflect the idea.
  • Invest in what you know. If you don't know... find out.

If you encounter someone trying to give you advice and they don't agree with these core tenets... don't just turn and walk away... RUN!

They are the keys to building wealth, and I will never waiver from them.

I'll show you how to become a member of Unconventional Wealth in just a moment. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

But before I do, I want to tell about another unconventional opportunity involving natural gas that you can take advantage of right now.

H.R. 1380: The Secret Path to Wealth Building

Let's face it, there are two groups you just can't trust. Wall Street and Washington. No surprise there.

They're a large part of the reason our country lies in shambles.

They're also a large part of the reason I founded Unconventional Wealth. I wanted to combat all of the lies with an independent viewpoint geared toward YOUR success.

Recently, I had the opportunity to have breakfast with my local senator.

Look, I'm no fan of Washington insiders. But I will do whatever it takes to learn their inner workings so that I can show you the truth.

And what my senator told me got my blood boiling.

It seems the Beltway boys and their Wall Street cronies are at it again... cooking up a way to make a boatload of cash behind your back.

It's called H.R. 1380, the New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act.

Or NATGAS, for short. Clever, right?

The part that shocked me is the list of billionaires who support the bill and the hundreds of millions of dollars they have tied up in companies that will benefit from the passage of this bill.

Even more infuriating, at least one member of Congress has joined arms with them and essentially traded on insider information.

This is not an uncommon practice. It's even been detailed in a report by the news show 60 Minutes.

Long story short, they've all got huge bets placed on the passage of H.R. 1380.

And I shouldn't have to tell you that when Wall Street and Washington start placing big bets, the outcome is all but certain.

Why are they all so high on natural gas usage when it's at a 10-year low?

Easy. There's one thing that's needed for a seismic shift in energy usage: a cheap alternative.

With the massive shale discoveries found in the United States, there's enough supply of natural gas to make it a viable replacement for gasoline.

That's why they're betting on the mass conversion of vehicles to run on natural gas. And they're doing everything in their power to win the bet.

Call it disgraceful or even un-American. I call it a massive opportunity for big gains.

And the good news for you is that I've found the one company poised to explode from the switch to natural gas!

When you join Unconventional Wealth with a risk-free trial, I'll rush you the report "The All-Party Natural Gas Secret" for free.

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A Whole Universe of
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Most people don't know it, but there's a whole universe of unique investment alternatives that can be used in addition to traditional stocks, bonds, mutual funds and options.

These investments -- which I call "AIOs" (alternative investment opportunities) -- are totally off the grid and unconventional.

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