Why Millions of Retirement-Seeking
Americans Are Terrified of...

"Ford's Law"

Cloaked in Congressional secrecy for 36 years, this little-known law passed by the Ford administration is set to slash the stock market in half...

Here's what this law means for your future... and the actions you must take now that could help you protect your savings and profit as this crisis unfolds...

"a time bomb"
- The Economist

Dear Reader,

Deep in the halls of Congress lies a dark secret that's about to turn America upside down...

Yet no politician will speak about it...

President Obama won't even utter a single word about it to the American public...

But this law, quietly passed by the Ford administration nearly four decades ago, is about to rear its ugly head...

The millions of Americans who will be affected by "Ford's Law" could create a snowball event that will crush the stock market.

Best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki says that this event "will cause the biggest stock market crash in history."

The Economist refers to the event as a "time bomb."

Former presidential economic advisor Pete Peterson says, "There's an iceberg dead ahead... and it threatens to bankrupt the great powers."

And Jeremy Siegel, professor at the Wharton School of Business, warns that this impending event could send stocks plunging by a stunning 50%.

That's nearly three times BIGGER than the stock market collapse of 2008!

In short, if your retirement is tied to the stock market in ANY way, "Ford's Law" could have a devastating impact on your wealth.

Yet it's not too late to rescue your retirement from the effects of this dangerous, little-known law...

That's why, in this letter, I'll show you simple actions you must take right now to protect your retirement savings...

In fact, by owning the set of investments everyone will clamor for when this massive time bomb explodes, you could position yourself right now to grow your wealth significantly.

You can even get into some of them right now with as little as $200.

But I'm getting ahead of myself just a bit...

Let me back up and explain to you exactly how we got into this mess, why I am so concerned, and what I expect to happen in the very near future...

How "Ford's Law" Forever Changed
Retirement in America

It all began on Sept. 2, 1974...

When President Gerald Ford signed a bill into law most Americans hardly paid any attention to...

That gave the fat cats on Wall Street an unprecedented opportunity...

To take control of U.S. citizens' retirement money!

Let me explain how...

You see, most employers in America used to provide their employees with pension plans for retirement. Pension plans were a huge cost for employers.

But the passage of "Ford's Law" in 1974 created a new option for employers...

One that relieved them of having to pay for their employees' retirements.

In short, employers could now offer retirement savings accounts that the employee was in charge of funding and managing.

As a result, many baby boomers invested their retirement savings into mutual funds.

Since most people are not professional investors, they put their money into mutual funds, because that's what financial advisors told them to do.

Imagine millions of novice investors pouring money into the stock market every week -- every paycheck -- on autopilot... for 36 years!

Of course, this was a dream come true for Wall Street...

For example, the mutual fund industry exploded as boomers went through the work force -- from near-zero dollars invested in retirement accounts to a whopping $4.1 TRILLION!

The fact is, a huge 44% of all mutual fund shareholders are baby boomers, according to a report by the Investment Company Institute.

In short, thanks to "Ford's Law," Wall Street has enjoyed more buyers than sellers for nearly four decades.

But the party is about to come to a grinding halt.

Here's why...

The Flaw in "Ford's Law" That Could
Flatten the Stock Market

On Jan. 1, 2011, the oldest of the baby boomers began turning 65.

Every 13 seconds, a new boomer turns 65. And as they retire, they stop those automatic payroll deductions... they stop feeding Wall Street new money.

In other words, Wall Street's four-decade free ride, with more buyers than sellers, is coming to an end.

The baby boomers will start selling their mutual funds and stocks in exchange for what they spent their lives ultimately working for: cash.

Makes sense, right?

Well, here's the flaw in "Ford's Law" that spells disaster for the stock market and anybody with money currently tied up in it.

"Ford's Law" states that at age 70-and-a-half, you are required to begin drawing down the account balance in your retirement accounts (including 401(k)s, 403(b)s and IRAs).

In other words, it's ILLEGAL for you to NOT sell your shares.

Why exactly are you required to start withdrawing your retirement savings?

Well, since the money in these retirement accounts is contributed tax-free and grows tax-free, the IRS wanted to know when the money would be taxed.

So the government gave an answer: At 70-and-a-half years of age.

And the first of the baby boomer generation turns 70 in the year 2016...

But please bear in mind: You CANNOT wait until 2016 to begin preparing for this financial avalanche. As I'll show you in just a moment, it's already in motion...

First, let me explain to you what‘s going to happen when "Ford's Law" forces the boomers to liquidate their accounts...

2016: The Year of Retirement Extinction

It's estimated that in 2016, there will be 2,282,887 people turning 70 years of age in


In 2017, that number jumps to 2,928,818. That's a jump of nearly 700,000 more people turning 70 than in the year before.

And the number increases from there on until all 79 million baby boomers have begun pulling their money out of the stock market.

In short, the market will no longer be infused with more buyers than sellers. The gravy train for Wall Street is coming to an end.

With 79 million baby boomers required by law to liquidate their accounts, the market moves into a situation for the first time in history in which there will be a prolonged (18-year) period of more sellers than buyers.

So if you're counting on selling assets -- mutual funds and shares -- to fund your retirement, Pete Peterson, former presidential economic advisor and best-selling author, has a question for you: "Sell to whom?"

With 79 million other people trying to sell their assets, you may have a hard time finding buyers... and an even harder time getting your price.

The Wall Street Journal says, "As retirees sell stocks... to support themselves, there will be fewer younger investors to buy those securities."

And Jeremy Siegel explains, "The sale of these assets will lead to a sharp fall in prices, because there are too few people in the smaller generations that followed the boomers to buy all of those assets at today's prices."

It makes sense because when there are more sellers than buyers, share prices fall.

So just how far will the stock market drop because of all of this?

Jeremy Siegel predicts that the market will fall by a stunning 50%...

And best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki even says that this event "will cause the biggest stock market crash in history."

The point is, if your retirement is connected in ANY way to the stock market, then "Ford's Law" could crush your wealth.

But I can't stress this enough: You cannot wait until 2016 to save your retirement...

Why Waiting to Take Action Could
Cost You Everything

The truth is that the historic sell-off in mutual funds and stocks by the boomers could happen much sooner than most people expect.

The boomers are retiring at a time when the U.S. economy is an absolute mess. The costs of food, energy and other essentials are soaring. And they will soon realize how much it costs to live without a paycheck coming in every month.

Economic conditions will cause baby boomers to liquidate years before "Ford's Law" makes them. In fact, it's already happening...

David Foot, professor at the University of Toronto and author of Boom, Bust & Echo says, "The front end of the baby boomer generation is starting to take money out, and that could become a big headwind for the stock market."

Remember, it's harder for stocks to keep going up when each year more and more people are selling shares to fund their retirements.

And here's something else to consider: What happens if the United States experiences another nasty economic downturn?

Do you really think that most boomers are just going to sit on their hands and ride out the storm? I doubt it.

Just look at what happened back in 2008, when the financial crisis ravaged the markets...

According to the LA Times, "In 2008... investors 65 and older abandoned stocks entirely within 401(k) accounts... [at] almost twice the abandonment rate of investors ages 45-54."

This proves that the baby boomers will sell their shares... FAST.

As David Rosenberg, chief strategist for wealth managers Gluskin Sheff, says, the baby boomers "can no longer afford [to] wait out any bust."

In short, if you don't begin preparing for this catastrophe right now, your retirement could end up in ruins.

But that's why I created this presentation...

To warn you about this urgent situation... And to show you how you can live a rich retirement -- a dream retirement -- no matter what happens.

The fact is, there are some very simple moves you can make right now to protect yourself from the impact of "Ford's Law"... and live a wealthier retirement than you ever thought possible.

In the next few minutes, I'd like to give you access to these opportunities for FREE.

Let me explain...


Because "Ford's Law" will force millions of boomers to liquidate their shares, anyone who has their retirement money tied up in traditional stocks and mutual funds could be in for an absolute bloodbath.

Remember, it's set to cut the stock market in half!

That's why it's critical that you consider immediately moving some of your money into assets that have nothing to do with traditional stocks, bonds, mutual funds or ETFs...

In fact, I'm going to reveal to you a whole universe of unique investment alternatives most investors have no clue about that put traditional stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options and ETFs to shame.

These investments -- which I call "AIOs" (alternative investment opportunities) -- are totally off the grid and unconventional. And at first glance, they may seem completely out of reach.

But that's exactly what Wall Street wants you to think. You've been brainwashed to believe traditional investments are the only game in town. But nothing could be further from the truth...

The fact is, you can get started on these "AIOs" with as little as $200 and use them to substantially grow your wealth year after year, no matter what happens to the stock market or the economy.

In fact, despite the chaotic market events over the past decade, including a real estate bubble and crash... a war in the Middle East... a stock market crash... a huge financial credit crisis... a massive recession... a European debt crisis... these investments have not only generated impressive returns, but marched consistently higher.

It's no wonder that some of the world's smartest investors, such as Bill Gross, have successfully used some of them to make millions, and others, like Bill Gates, are spending top dollar to own the actual assets themselves.

That's why I've put these "AIOs" together in a little booklet you could put to use immediately to protect and grow your wealth, "My Private Collection of 27 Alternative Investment Opportunities."

I handpicked each opportunity... and even gave each one its own unique name.

Let me give you an example of an "AIO" you can take advantage of right now that could not only defend your savings from "Ford's Law," but also make you a lot of money too...

"AIO" #1:
The "Post-Q Index"

President Roosevelt said that this unique asset class "enriches our lives in innumerable ways."

I call it the "Post-Q Index."

This asset class has nothing to do with stocks, bonds, gold, silver, coins or commodities.

It was created by the British government over 200 years ago. Today, almost every government in the world has its own lucrative version of it.

The incredible thing about the Post-Q Index is that it has risen every year for 50 years... averaging 10% per year... for 50 years!

In other words, it has NEVER lost money and has generated a stunning 10% per year for five decades.

To put that in perspective, a $10,000 investment 50 years ago would have ballooned into a staggering $1,173,908!

In fact, the "Post-Q Index" had drawn the interests of two of the brightest investors on the planet -- long before I had ever even explored it.

I'm talking about legendary billionaire investors Warren Buffett and Bill Gross, who runs the largest mutual fund in the world.

While Buffett was more of a hobbyist, Gross generated a stunning $6.6 million in profit from a longtime investment in this unique asset class.

In fact, when asked about this investment class I call the "Post-Q Index," Bill Gross said, "It's beyond my expectations. It's four times profit. It's better than the stock market."

Why hasn't a broker told you about this? Simple. Because he can't make any money selling it to you...

In fact, trades can be made in the "Post-Q Index" asset class without paying a single penny in commission or fees.

Here's another "AIO" you can use to avoid the stock market mayhem that "Ford's Law" will unleash...

"AIO" #2:
The "Sigma Market"

This next "AIO" is not new.

In fact, according to a report from the University of Virginia, people began investing in it in 16th-century Germany. It's not gold, silver, copper or any other commodity.

I call it the "Sigma Market."

Back in 2000, you could have put $195 into one top-performing investment in the "Sigma Market."

Today, that could be worth $2,500... a 26.1% return per year... a whopping total return of 1,182%!

During the same period, the Nasdaq would have turned your $195 into about $94... a negative 52% return.

Another investment in the "Sigma Market" returned 733.3% during the same period...

  • Another returned 468%...
  • Another returned 564%...
  • Another returned 498%.

The point is that despite all of the market turmoil of the past decade, the "Sigma Market" churned out huge returns and is still going strong today.

As Business Insider points out, the "Sigma Market" is "knocking the stock market, real estate and gold out of the park with a 300% [return] over the past decade."

It's no wonder some of the world's smartest investors are tapping into this explosive market...

For example, multibillionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates made a $30.8 million purchase in this little-known, red-hot asset class.

And it's making some regular Americans fantastically rich...

One former musician built a huge $300 million fortune from scratch using the "Sigma Market."

You'll find all of the details about the "Sigma Market," the "Post-Q Index" and more unique "AIOs" you could use to protect and grow your wealth inside my new report, which I'd like to rush you for FREE, "My Private Collection of 27 Alternative Investment Opportunities."

But before I tell you how to secure your copy, please allow me to introduce myself...

Hi. I'm Andrew Snyder.

I'm the editor of Unconventional Wealth, a one-of-a-kind monthly financial research service that helps ordinary folks escape Wall Street and Washington's devastating wrath... and show them how to build a worry-free retirement.

I used to advise super-wealthy clients at one of Wall Street's largest investment firms.

But after learning how Wall Street really works, I became disillusioned by the hypocrisy and greed.

So I walked away. And I started sharing the secrets I learned in a series of articles I wrote for a small financial news service.

Turns out, those articles caught the attention of a group of ex-Wall Street hotshots who had banded together to expose the money-grubbing techniques Wall Street uses to squeeze ordinary investors dry.

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But unlike most financial research services that are just out to make a buck, ISG has a simple, more noble goal:

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I think you'll agree: These returns are impressive.

But I'm not here today to brag to you about our past success...

You see, I can tell you right now that most Americans don't have a single clue about "Ford's Law." Nor are they prepared for its financially devastating consequences.

With 79 million boomers legally required to dump shares, "Ford's Law" could soon cripple the stock market, along with the retirement dreams of millions of hardworking Americans.

But as I said, you don't have to stand for it...

Take Back Control of Your
Financial Future Right Now

You don't have to sit idly by, watching your hard-earned money evaporate as "Ford's Law" slices the stock market in half.

Not only could you preserve your savings, but you could amass enough money to retire in complete comfort with the "AIOs" I've been telling you about.

If the impact of "Ford's Law" is as bad as I expect, "AIOs" could be the only way left for ordinary investors to grow their wealth.

These moves are easy and cheap to get into right now, but as more and more people pile into them, they will almost certainly get more expensive and harder to do.

What if I'm wrong about this crisis? Well... that's the exciting part... I think you could still make some very handsome profits.

So in order to help you tap into these off-Wall Street investments right away, I'd like to send you my new report, "My Private Collection of 27 Alternative Investment Opportunities."

In it, I detail exactly how these types of alternative investments work and how you can unlock all 27 of them immediately, not only to protect your savings from "Ford's Law," but to also build a legacy of lasting wealth that you can pass along to your children and grandchildren.

In this perfectly timed resource, you'll discover:

  • The "W-I Program": This unique investment strategy generated an average of 14.1% over 10 years... good enough to turn $5,000 into $18,699.35... a 370%-plus return.
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Mind you, I've barely scratched the surface...

There are too many hidden -- yet consistently proven -- ways to untold riches without touching stocks, bonds, mutual funds or any other traditional investment. I can't list them all in this letter.

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In short, I think the Form 590 retirement method is the best way for ordinary folks to grow their wealth safely and steadily year after year.

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So make the critical moves now to safeguard yourself and your family.

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Andrew Snyder
Editor, Unconventional Wealth
October 2012