What Planet Are These
Freakin' U.S.
Congressmen On?!

US Capitol Building at night

REVEALED INSIDE: Straight FACTS on the Most Lurid... Stomach-Churning... and Un-American Behavior Seen in the "Corridors of Corruption" Since Watergate Brought Our Nation to Its Knees.

Outraged? I suggest you PROFIT as a result!

Dear Reader,

Forget the storied halls of Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

Sure, an Ivy League education used to be the surest ticket to eye-popping riches.

No more. Today, that honor goes to the 535 members of a super-selective society with a home on East Capitol Street in Washington, D.C.

Know what prompts a "bright young thing" to opt for membership in the 112th U.S. Congress?

Progress? Nope. Reform? Fat chance.

Stalemate is more like it. Wrestling this great country to a standstill, with far worse to come. It's a god-awful shame...

Put that to the side for just a minute. This is where YOU come in. I ACCIDENTALLY discovered a "backdoor loophole" making many of our elected representatives filthy rich.

Here's the amazing thing. You don't need a seat in the "Corridors of Corruption" to trigger the very same windfalls as these fat cats.

Right here and now, I'm granting you VIP insider access to make it happen.

Allow me to spill the beans on exactly what I mean...

You Can Turn This "All-Party Swindle" Into a
Six-Figure Retirement Cushion

Understand this before you read another word...

The mammoth opportunity I'm serving up today has NOTHING to do with idle speculation.

You see, the wheels are already in motion...

Major power brokers -- and Big Money -- have quietly placed their bets.

And if my contacts hadn't given me the scoop, these greedy SOBs would be on their way to hoarding the profits among themselves.

Let's face it. The system is RIGGED against you when it comes to making major bucks!

We're stuck with it -- and so are our kids.

And you know what? I found a way to beat them at their own game!

I've found a way to post huge gains...

A strategy to make BIG money right alongside these well-heeled smooth talkers who hold positions of "absolute power."

Remember whom we're talking about.

A veritable "who's who" in perhaps the most powerful institution on Earth...

When $174,000-plus a Year Isn't Enough...
A Peek at How Your Congressman Invests

Did you see the controversial 60 Minutes show?

Steve Kroft was at his bulldog best -- getting the dirt on how congressmen abuse their power for personal gain.

The upshot?

Get elected to Congress if you want to increase your net worth by TENFOLD!

  • Know what happened while Congressman John Boehner was fighting ObamaCare in the House of Representatives? On Dec. 10, 2009, he bought a handful of health insurance stocks, including tens of thousands of dollars in Cardinal Health, Cigna and WellPoint. Days later, The Washington Post declared the "public option" officially dead. Prices began climbing as markets reacted to the news. Within a month, the value of Boehner's WellPoint shares jumped from $56 to $66 per share. Cardinal Health was also up substantially by the time President Obama signed the health care bill.

  • Former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert was worth a few hundred thousand dollars when he stepped into Congress. Despite a salary that topped out at $212,000, he walked away a millionaire... many times over. (Heck, U.S. taxpayers were still paying $40,000 per month on Mr. Hastert's office space, staff, cell phones and a leased SUV even after he left office. That's when he went to work as a lobbyist for private corporations and foreign governments.)

  • Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi bought 5,000 shares of Visa in 2008 as the House debated credit card reform. (Oh yeah, and her investment skyrocketed 203%.)

  • Here's a doozy: In 2008, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee Spencer Bachus was in a closed-door meeting with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. It was so secretive that cellphones and BlackBerry devices were confiscated. The very next day, Bachus' broker bought investments that would rise if the market fell.

You got that right...

While he was publicly trying to keep the economy from tanking, he was privately betting that it didn't have a chance in hell!

Sleazy stuff, I know.

Insider trading? Maybe...

Betrayal of trust by our public officials? For sure...

But here's my point. Shady stuff like this happens every day in the "Corridors of Corruption!"

A study released in 2004 tracked stock purchases by senators over six years...

Turns out U.S. senators beat the overall market by over 10%... while the average investor underperformed in the market.

Chart: U.S. senators beat the overall market by over 10%

Crazy, right?

According to Josh Sanburn of Time magazine, "These remarkable returns seem due to the non-public information that members of Congress are privy to, like pending business regulations."

Why, of course! And they'd like to keep it PRIVATE...

Ready for more galling news?

They tend to buy stocks right BEFORE they shoot up -- and dump them right BEFORE they plummet...

So while Martha Stewart goes to prison for five months...

Billionaire hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam gets sentenced to 11 years...

And Donald Johnson, a former Nasdaq executive, is sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for his part in insider trading... Why shouldn't the same rules apply to our 535 elected officials?

I say this through clenched teeth...

I'm OK with the deception... two-facedness... and downright hypocrisy.

ONLY because I've found a way to put your hand in the money pot, too. Way I see it, here's the NEXT and BEST way for you to claim some juicy "insider profits" of your very own...

YES, I want a chance to benefit from the unfair advantage given to the pompous... preachy... and fabulously wealthy!

The ONLY Thing Uniting Tea Party Republicans
and Bleeding Heart Liberals?

You Guessed It: Making a KILLING While
No One Is Looking

Heard of H.R. 1380?

It's also called the "New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act of 2011."

Or the acronym "NAT GAS." Get it?

Hey, I think it's pretty good for the country.

So does President Obama...

It's been said he endorses it -- and is set to rubber-stamp it once it winds its way through Congress...

H.R. 1380 would be a first step in reducing our dependence on OPEC...

It would give as much as a $64,000 tax credit to convert diesel engines to natural gas.

Natural gas is cheaper, cleaner and domestically abundant (especially in places like Pennsylvania, which has gone frackin' crazy lately).

Think about it...

Spending $5 billion over five years to "kick-start" the natural gas transportation industry is a smart move.

Anything to cut down on the 4,776,000 barrels of crude oil the U.S. imports from OPEC -- each day...

The main target?

America's 8 million 18-wheelers chugging down our highways...

Heavy trucks represent 4% of our country's vehicles but consume a whopping 23% of transportation fuel! OUCH!

So back to H.R. 1380...

The bill has 183 cosponsors. Talk about cross-aisle support...

Heck, where else do you see House Republicans like Thaddeus McCotter and President Obama lining up shoulder to shoulder?

Just look who's already invested in natural gas companies:

  • Fred Upton (R-MI)
  • Richard Burr (R-NC)
  • Howard Berman (D-CA)
  • Michael McCaul (R-TX)
  • Bob Etheridge (D-NC).

The list goes on.

(On a related note, a Pennsylvania congressman recently cosponsored a bill that paid millions for his wife's shares in two natural gas companies founded by her great-grandfather.

You guessed it -- it's perfectly legal.)

Momentum is really picking up. Studies show the NAT GAS Act could create 400,000 jobs.

"Both candidates are trying to stay out of the way of the gas boom," says William K. Reilly, EPA administrator under President George H.W. Bush. "It's associated with thousands of jobs that are on everybody's mind right now."

Watch this space...

Plenty more politicos will sign up to score political points in a dismal labor market.

"CNG (compressed natural gas) is roughly HALF the cost of gasoline or diesel."


On Oct. 3, 2012, Gov. Bob McDonnell made Virginia the first state to formalize plans to switch its entire fleet of roughly 15,500 vehicles to run on cleaner, cheaper alternative fuels.

McDonnell predicts long-term savings for Virginia.

The state now spends $3.35 per gallon for diesel under negotiated pricing. That would be slashed to $1.81 for a comparable amount of natural gas under the new deal.

That's not all. Deep-pocketed capitalists are putting the heat on Mr. Obama...

ConocoPhillips CEO James Mulva says America needs a realistic plan to meet future energy needs...

General Motors CEO Dan Akerson says the auto industry needs an energy plan to help set priorities for developing new technology.

But know who's really pulling the strings?

T. Boone Pickens -- Republican donor and soon to be your best friend!

He founded a company that went by the name "Pickens Fuel"...

It's the largest operator of natural gas filling stations across the country -- with almost 250 at last count.

Care to guess who got into his IPO super-early... AGAIN?!

California Democrat Nancy Pelosi and her husband...

According to a Wall Street Journal reporter, they jumped into Pickens' IPO for only $12.10 per share back in 2007.

As I said, that's how things happen in the "Corridors of Corruption."

But hold on...

That's old news. Know where the real action is right now?

I'll bring George Soros into the picture...

The Left's patron-in-chief gobbled up 5,547,604 shares of a firm that I believe stands to gain even MORE than T. Boone's old company!

Folks, take a seat before I tell you how high this one could go...

For once, you're getting a sniff BEFORE it likely goes totally ballistic!

We'd be fools to ignore this once-in-a-generation opportunity... just BEFORE H.R. 1380 is passed.

Here's why:

  • Top-Line Sales Way Up -- This company's revenues jumped an astounding 80% since this same period last year...

  • Strong Investor Tailwinds -- Its stock popped 4% in one day, on Tuesday, Oct. 9...

  • Powerful Partners -- It has signed deals with GM and Ford to develop advanced natural gas engine technology for new trucks...

Nice eye, Mr. Soros! But I'll bet you didn't expect us to spot that one...

And we're not the only ones. How about Kenny Marchant (R-TX)?

Yep, safe to say he's a savvy investor. His net worth grew from $28,276,794 in 2004... to a whopping $70,403,757 in 2010. No wonder he's ranked seventh in the House of Representatives on that score. He's just one investor in on the "All-Party Natural Gas Secret."

Check out this special bulletin sent to my readers on Oct. 10, 2012.

We Nailed It

I am going to make this short and very sweet. We nailed our play on the All-Party Natural Gas Secret. As I write, you should be good for gains of over 40%.

Here's why...

Chart: Lock in your 40% Gains!

It played out exactly as we said it would. We expected a bump at the $29.80 level... and we got it. Shares ended the day higher by over 4%.

It's a big win. Let's lock 'em in.

Have no fear. You didn't miss it. This was a "bonus trade" provided to Unconventional Wealth readers.

We're still fully invested in this company. And there's still plenty of room to run. And that's why I want you to jump in today.

Claim Your Second FREE
Report Now:

"The All-Party
Natural Gas

I'll Show You How to Go From "Wannabe Rich" to
"Insider Rich"... in As Little As 30 Days

My name is Sandy Franks. I head up the Bonner & Partners independent research group, and I've worked in financial publishing for the past two decades.

So my group has reported on -- and offered ways to profit from -- the same insane booms and busts you have lived through.

From the Internet bubble to the boom-bust of the U.S. housing market to the Great Recession that still stifles the globe... we predicted all of those massive events and offered concrete ways for members to protect themselves and profit from them.

And I've published two widely circulated books, Barbarians of Oil and Barbarians of Wealth.

Both books blew open the secrets behind the powerful, super-rich folks who control today's markets -- the modern-day oil barons and the super-connected Wall Street elite. They offered plans to protect yourself and even come out ahead of the crooks.

But I'll tell you where you won't see me...

On Fox News or CNBC... It's not my style.

I'm "unconventional" in a lot of ways... I go against the grain.

I'm perfectly fine staying on the inside, guarding my privacy and shunning the spotlight.

But here's one BIG thing that makes me truly different...

Every day of the week, I'm out there meeting the folks who make the rules -- and who "manipulate" the market!

Here's the truth that you'll rarely hear anyone admit...

Beating the odds isn't as difficult as you think. In fact, it's par for the course once you have the information like privileged insiders.

I Agree 100% with the ExxonMobil Exec who said this...

It's not just Keystone State frackers that are having a field day. Look at New York, West Virginia, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana and North Dakota...

It can happen almost anywhere...

Image: Top 10 Natural Gas Engine Companies

"There is no geological law that restricts shale gas to North America," said ExxonMobil's senior vice president, Mark Albers. Already, they're finding shale plays all across Europe and Asia. When those plays are developed, gas prices will get CRUSHED across the globe.

As prices plunge, drillers and miners will get hit hard. Their stocks will tumble...

But companies that make the innovative products that allow us to use and burn that ultra-cheap fuel? They... and anyone smart enough to take advantage... will be rolling in dough.

But very often, the answer is NOT stocks or bonds:

For Ted Turner, his early success in billboards led to a massive empire.

For Ross Perot, one of his best investments was an early edition of the Magna Carta. He bought it for $1.5 million and sold it for... $21.3 million. A 1,320% gain with virtually no risk.

Is there a common thread?

Doggone right there is!

These guys made boatloads of money by investing in what they know best.

I can hear you now.

You're saying, "What if I'm not an expert in anything special?"

No problem. Just allow me to do your snooping.

I use my position inside one of America's largest financial research firms to shine a torch on rare... unexpected... and highly lucrative opportunities.

Bonner & Partners has just one mission...

To arm the average investor with the tools and confidence to beat the market by 20% or more.


It could mean getting a jump on the next big energy play... or exposing insider trading activity.

How does that sound to you? Ready to take a path few others have ventured down?

My point is simple.

Sometimes stocks are the best value around... but many times they're not.

If you're constantly investing with the herd, your net worth is moving with the herd, as well. And these days, that's not good enough.

It's a path to mediocrity, at best.

And perhaps much worse -- given the state of the market.

It's time to take off the blinders...

Let me give you an example of the kind of off-Wall Street opportunities I'm talking about...

Here's How Paul Set up His New IRA
("Insider Riches Accumulation," That Is...)

If this works, there might be a headline and lead in the concept of the above subhead... AGREED.

Paul Stevens is a 58-year-old machinist from Lansing, Mich.

Like many individual investors, Paul was hit hard with pitiful returns from traditional investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

(Gut Check: The Nasdaq has plummeted 51% since 2000. Think about it. Say you followed the herd and invested $100,000 in the Nasdaq back then... gutted it out for 11 years... Today, you'd have only $49,000 to show for your trouble.

A paper loss of $51,000! That sucks! That ain't no way to get rich...)

Paul watched his IRA eke out pathetic returns for 20 long years. Then inspiration struck...

In 2007, he finally yanked control from his broker -- and took charge of his retirement.

He funneled $300,000 of retirement savings into something called the "V-Dash Multiplier."

YES, this is just the type of unconventional investment that offers you "Off Wall Street" profits.

How'd it turn out for Paul?

Three years later, in 2010, his investment in the "V-Dash Multiplier" had grown from $300,000 to $1.2 million!

"It's significantly beyond what the market could have ever dreamed of giving up," says Paul. "If you look at historical gains of 401(k)s, we're getting hundreds of times more than that."


Now, keep in mind, the V-Dash has nothing to do with stocks, bonds, real estate, options, mutual funds or ETFs.

I can't emphasize this enough...

It has the potential to turn an ordinary investor -- with a modest lump sum to invest -- into a newly minted millionaire in just a few short years.

You're in luck.

My team just put the final touches on a special report that dishes the dirt on the V-Dash Multiplier. Not only that, it's chock full of other unconventional ways to outsmart the market...

It's called "My Private Collection of 27 Alternative Investment Opportunities."

Hey, I don't want to be presumptuous...

Stop right now if you're happy with the cookie-cutter choices... and pathetic returns your broker is giving you.

How has your IRA or 401(k) fared over the past few years?

See what I mean? New thinking is needed. Unconventional plays are the way to go.

You can leapfrog industry experts -- getting positioned early in breakthrough investments -- so you and your family can experience REAL WEALTH.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm not saying to abandon the Street's pet assets like stocks, bonds, mutual funds and options altogether...

You can still make money in the markets, but only if you have the right information... an "inside" edge. (That's why I want to send you my newest free report, "The All-Party Natural Gas Secret.")

You'll get a first-mover advantage in natural gas. Remember, H.R. 1380 already has 183 cosponsors. Once it passes, you're likely to see opportunities related to natural gas soar...

Especially the one being "bankrolled" by George Soros. But you've got to act fast. Big Money is starting to back it in droves!

Now, as I said, you can't rely strictly on traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds to get "millionaire rich."

You've GOT to devote a portion of your money to alternative investments...

Here's what I suggest:

Start by devoting 5% of your portfolio to unconventional plays... then up it to 10%, 15% or more -- as your winnings accumulate!

I'll show you right now where to start.

Please accept your copy of "My Private Collection of 27 Alternative Investment Opportunities"-- absolutely free of charge and without obligation.

In this perfectly timed resource, you'll discover:

  • The "Bridge Technique": Learn how Phyllis Gorman managed to collect $450,000 net profit in two years, and how you could do the same!

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  • The "Prop-88 Secret": Mark Davis tapped this secret investment to turn $300,000 into $2.9 million. Once you understand how he did it, you could do it too!

  • And, of course, the "V-Dash Multiplier": Paul Stevens used this wealth-building vehicle to turn $300,000 into $1.2 million in three years. Discover how you could do the same...

Mind you, I've barely scratched the surface so far.

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Sandy Franks, Executive Director, Insiders Strategy Group

Sandy Franks
Executive Director
Unconventional Wealth

P.S. I mean what I said about your being happy -- which is why I'm prepared to offer you the best guarantee my publisher will allow. You get 90 risk-free days to decide if Unconventional Wealth is right for you. If not, let me know anytime during that period, and I'll make sure you get a full and immediate refund. If you decide after the first 90 days that it's not for you, I'll still give you a prorated refund. That's a promise.

P.P.S. I have your four special situation reports ready to go. For FREE. Do me a favor and take a peek at them -- even if you do nothing else. Keep them even if you cancel later. You have absolutely nothing to lose.